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Weekly Wildlife: Wrap-Around Spider (Dolophones Conifera)

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Just the other day I came across an article about unique animals and plants that exist in the world. While all were interesting, this creature shocked me and, well, truthfully kind of creeped me out. I bet they're the undefeated champions of hide and go seek though.

Where in the world?

Distribution: Western Australia

Habitat: Trees

What an interesting character

Distinguishing Traits

- Length:

  • Female: 0.35 in (9 mm)

  • Male: 0.19-0.23 in (5-6 mm)

- Body:

  • Concave underbelly allows them to flatten and wrap around tree branches

  • Flat abdomen with discs make them look like a shield

- Coloring: Their brown body helps them blend in with tree bark

We are family

- Class: Archnida

- Order: Araneae

- Family: Araneidae

- Genus: Dolophones

- Species: Dolophones conifera

Facts of life

- Egg sac is yellow and can hold up

to a hundred babies

- After the spiderlings hatch -yes young spiders are called spiderlings - they remain together as a family before eventually leaving

- They're not poisonous

- The discs on their body look like spots giving them the name leopard spider as well

Conservation Connection

- Status is unknown

- Threats:

  • Birds

  • Wasps

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