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The Tail of the Mountain Chicken Frog

So what’s eating Mountain Chicken Frog?

#MtChickFrog for the everyday explorer group

Well, when you have the name Mountain Chicken Frog it’s for a reason, and it seems that everything is eating this vulnerable vertebrate, from indigenous people harvesting 8,000-36,000 a year until harvesting was banned recently, to chytrid fungus, even natural disasters have swallowed up over 80% of their original population over the past 10 years.

This decline is especially tragic when you consider the obscure reproductive behavior this species has. Once a year towards the end of the dry season (April) males will dig nests up to 50 cm (20 in) deep, then fight with other males for the best real estate, which is a sigh to see I’m sure (that I was unable to find any videos of so if you know of any please share). Then once the Victor is crowned the perch by the entrance of their sexy frog pad and begin to yell out ‘trilling barks’ in an attempt to attract a female.  So, after all, that wildness lands a receptive female, the to mate and eggs a laid in the prepared nest (that took 9-14 hard frog hours to build).  While the eggs are in the nest the female will continually add foam to the nest and up to 25,000 unfertilized eggs in order to give the developing larva the proper conditions and food after they hatch. After all of that only 26-43 tiny frogs emerge, and you know most of them won’t make it to adulthood.

SO it’s all of that mess and very interesting behavior that makes them very vulnerable to extinction! 

Why? May you ask? I’ll tell you why my friend. it’s because when you remove just one adult breeding female, you remove the already few offspring that she was going to contribute to with the remaining adult females unable to fill that void with additional tiny frogs. So what’s the moral of this story?

There’s a lot of food out there…How about not eating endangered species..I mean…just don’t.

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