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Oh the wonderful world of wildlife, here we have the “American” five-lined skink.  One of the more common tiny animals crawling around the terrestrial environment of the American middle to the east coast. Also known as the Blue-tailed skink or Red-Headed skink, because, you know both nature doesn’t like to follow one color scheme and us humans can’t make-up or minds on what we want to name something. With this in mind When you are on the eastern half of the United States and come across a Skink with a Blue tail, you have yourself a Juvenile, If you see one that has a red head and five lines, you have an adult male, both the same species.

So there you have it, now when you are on a hike with friends you can feed them that bit of knowledge and they will have one less reason to judge you for trying to pull off the Indiana Jones look on your bi-annual trek into nature. Just don’t try to pick one of these up, their tails come off real easily, and nobody looks cool with a severed tail in their hands. Trust me, I write things on the internet all the time…But seriously, don’t do it.

This one species has 4 common names (in English) and 8 Scientific names (from 1758, 1766, 1849, 1887, 1888, 1917, 1936, 2004). So yeah that’s a thing. Side tangent
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