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Built-in Image stabilization is for the Birds

Built-in Image Stabilization is for the Birds

When thinking of image stabilization, your first thought would jump to the latest GoPro action camera or better yet a drone that can lock on a subject in 3D space like something out of Total Recall.  I present to you now the Kestral, with the ability to see ultraviolet light and hover in space, never losing sight of its prey.

  1. The ability to see ultraviolet light allows them to locate the scent trails of voles and related prey species, guiding them directly to their next meal.

  2. Keeping their head still in a moving 3D environment further locks them onto their target.

Check out this short video by Anthony Roberts to appreciate just how amazing this adaptation looks in action.

Just look at that head stabilisation! Male kestrel hunting at South Stack, Anglesey yesterday. — Anthony Roberts (@ZedAnthony) June 6, 2019

In fact, there are 15 species of Kestral, scattered around the world. Here you are watching a Common Kestral (Falco tinnunculus) in action.

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