Herd of Elephants

Make it Your Wildlife App

Search Wildly allows you to seamlessly transform our app into your organisations wildlife app.

Just by making up a "Start Code" for your group. You can open your members directly into your group each time they open the Search WIldly app. Essentially making the Search Wildly App and all the tools to go along with it, your very own.  All without having to design,and pay for years of development.


Keep Track of Your Wild Story

Wildlife can be found everywhere, and with search wildly you can display your wild surroundings to the world.  Keeping track of this Wild Story can be very addictive and enjoyable. In no time your wildlife map will be growing and you will be able to see just how connected you are to the natural world.

Follow other Search wildly users and join groups for a great way to network and discover what can be seen in other "backyards" around the world.

Pro users have access to advanced map filters and ad removal, giving them the ability to really immerse themselves in everything Search Wildly has to offer.