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Since 2016 Search Wildly has been developing one of the best Wildlife tracking applications available. With our interactive mapping and fully customizable group settings, you are able to visually track your connection with the wild world around you and others around the world.

If you are interested in using Search Wildly as an education tool, then you will love our group settings. 

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  • All The Animals

    Oh Yes! Search Wildly Has a Complete Database of all the Animals the World has to offer.

  • All The Plants

    Plants are everywhere, So for all you botanical enthusiasts, you can set your profile to plant mode

  • Global Wildlife News

    Yes, Global, and we connect every article to the Wildlife it references. So you don't just get dry facts about species, you also get Relevant news!

  • Connect

    Follow other users Wild Encounters


    Join a Public or Private Group

  • Interactive Mapping

    Visualise all of your encounters, your groups, or the entire World on an interactive Map. It is truly stunning! 

    *Hidden encounters will not display on map

  • Easily Keep Track

    With Every Animal or PLant you come across, collect a new encounter!

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    Submit New Feature

    Tell us what new features you would like to see and we will promptly reply.


It all sounds great, but what does this App actually do?

For the Private User:

  • Search Wildly opens up a world to you that does not require any additional gear to get started. By keeping track of the wildlife that you find around your home, on a hike, by your self or in a group. Search Wildly gives you an understanding of how vast this world is and how your life fits into the Wildlife around you.

For the Educator:

  • Educators are able to create groups with their students where they can set all of the group parameters.

  • Have complete control over what students see from their classmates.

  • Download Complete Excel files of their student's encounters.

  • Get GPS locations of where Encounters were made.

  • Get Timestamps of Encounters

  • And so much more...

For the Business

  • Develop a customized map just for your business (zoo wildlife park etc.)

I’ve seen other Apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

Simply put there are other apps out there, but they do not allow for the same degree of customization that Search Wildly does. Just take a look at our Map filters, the group settings, filters on the feeds and you will see that we are constantly implementing easy to use functions that give you a better more customizable experience than possible with any other application in this class.

Search Wildly

Top-quality Wildlife Apparel, at a great price!

How often are there updates to the App?

There isn't a week that goes by that we are not working on new developments for Search Wildly and we roll out the new features as soon as they are available. currently, we are able to update about 2 times a year. 

Ok But, Does it cost anything?

  • To download and begin using, No there is no cost and you are able to use Search Wildly for free forever if you would like.

  • To unlock all of the Pro functions, there is a minimal cost of 0.99-1.99 USD. This is all it takes to use all of the amazing functions that open up the world around you into a new light. For Educators, This is the cheapest tool you can get that will save you both time and effort while connecting your students with the tools they already have.

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